Based in Worcestershire UK


We Can Help With

  • Contacting businesses on the phone.

  • Software downloading.

  • Software problems.

  • Referrals to honest companies for hardware issues.

  • Error messages.

  • Help you set up your Internet and phone connection.

  • Set up email and configure protocols.

  • Set up Tablets such as ipads and give tutorials.

  • Give tutorials for business and general applications.

  • Set up your TV and recording equipment.

  • Set up Password encryption for your files.




Technical Solutions


Software Solutions



About Us

If you have any technical problems, or want to learn how to navigate operating systems or software, I am your man. We’re based in Worcestershire, UK, and I have knowledge and experience in the use of a wide range of software and web applications. These include Windows and Mac operating systems and mobile phone platforms. I can also research apps and create Informational documentation and software Keys that help guide you through its features. I have a BA (Hons) in Politics and Philosophy together with credits in critical thinking and analysis. I love seeing people succeed in their endeavours. If you would like to know more, please contact me for further information or book a session.
All the best,

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Feel Free to Ask us Any Technical Questions!

Welcome to Edify

Edify Technical Solutions is a friendly mobile technical solutions company that brings expert problem solving skills to your door. Are you hard of hearing? Have a problem travelling around? Need a quick computer solution? Edify Technical Solutions is here to help. All you have to do is contact us with your technical issue and we will quote you a price, travel costs included. If we can’t find you a solution or find someone who can then we wont charge.

What Are You Waiting For?

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Our Offerings

Having trouble travelling around?

Are you hard of hearing?

Have a computer problem?

We will quote you a price and travel out to you.

 Below is a List of our capabilities and services.

Mobile – We will travel to you


No need to leave your home Edify Technical Solutions will travel to you all included in the price that you are quoted. We only charge to cover petrol costs with no hidden or extra charges.


Hard of hearing? We will contact companies for you


If you are slightly hard of hearing, Edify Technical Solutions will contact companies  for you. We will note and save any vital data you may need at a later date.

e.g. Changing internet providers.

Software Downloads – On your chosen platforms


If you would like some new software, Edify Technical Solutions will do this for you. We can do this as a tutorial or if you would just like the process done and dusted we can do that too.


Error Messages – Troubleshooting



If you’re having error messages popping up on your screen and you’re not sure how to solve them, Edify Technical Solutions offers trouble shooting advice and easy fixing methods so you don’t have to worry.

Referrals to honest companies – Hardware issues


If you are having hardware issues with your computer, Edify Technical Solutions will refer you to honest independent companies that will solve your problem on time and at a reasonable price.

Internet and phone connection – Quick Set Up


If you have a new Internet connection and router, Edify Technical Solutions can set it up for you and configure the settings for you on your laptop or desktop computer. We will also alert you if you need a wifi range extender and advise on the best products and prices on the market.

Email – Protocol Configuration


Just set up a new email address? Want it configured with outlook? Edify Technical Solutions will find your information and match up provider protocols enabling you to continue sending and receiving emails.

Ipad & Tablets – Software application tutorials


Just bought a new tablet? Unsure how it operates? Edify Technical Solutions will set up, download and give tutorials on business and general tablet user interfaces and applications.

TV & Recording equipment – Configuration


If you have just brought a new TV and would like it set up and configured then Edify Technical Solutions can do this for you. We have experience with Sky Boxes and Apple TV, and can find solutions for any of your home entertainment needs.

Password Encryption – Process tutorial
security concept represented with a lock and a key, clipping path included

security concept represented with a lock and a key, clipping path included

If you have sensitive files on your computer that you would like encrypted, Edify Technical Solutions will show you the method needed to secure your files. We never look at or ask for the information, just show you the process so you can do it yourself.

If we genuinely can’t find you a solution or find someone who can we wont charge you. Edify Technical Solutions works on the basis of which our company was founded to solve problems and we will always do our best to find answers to your problems.